DIY: little details, big impact

I didn’t feel like cooking this week because I’ve been sick with the flu and the thought of food makes my stomach turn. So I decided to share with you all what I’ve been working on around the house. My house is a never ending project, always changing and adding stuff. My husband thinks I have a problem, but I beg to differ. I wanted to finally work on the little details around the house since I’ve been busy getting the things that matter done like bedding and furniture. In the bathroom we had this really ugly towel rail across the door and a towel hook that was barely functional. So I decided to rip it off one day and give the door a makeover.

FullSizeRender (41)

I found this shabby chic frame around the hook at hobby lobby for about $15 and I found the hook from Cost Plus World Market for only $6.99. The frame hangs like a picture so my smart husband put some wood glue on the bottom to stop it from swinging every time we open and shut the door. Worked like a charm! Next I replaced some of the light switch plates with these FullSizeRender (40) Also from Cost Plus for $6.99-$9.99 I would insert a direct link but I’m not very tech savvy. I’ll ask my I.T. husband how to for next time. 😉 The little touches I did around the house made a big impact and I didn’t spend much money. I really like that shabby chic rustic look and my house is slowly coming together. My next project is my kitchen table! has anyone ever re finished an Ikea table???

On to another project I did…

The kiddos room: We used to have a table with a train track on it but we decided to pull it off and make it more functional as a craft table. It was ruined from the wood glue that was used to glue down the train track so I decided to paint it with chalk board paint.

the mess before

IMG_3327IMG_3330 This was such an easy fix and a fun way for my son to play and draw on the table with chalk! I lightly sanded the table before and used two coats of paint and taped off the edges with painters tape. IMG_3396IMG_3681 I added some bins from Home Goods and cute little buckets for his chalk from the dollar bin at Target. Also made his book shelf with spice racks from Ikea. My sister shared this great idea with me 🙂 Hope you enjoyed my DIY projects and hopefully you got some ideas on how to create little details that make a big impact in your home. Thanks for reading!!! ❤ J


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