untraditional wrapping

This is my first etc. blog! Partly because I refuse to cook Fri-sun… but I did make pancakes for breakfast, they got lucky this time!

Tis the season for shopping and lots of wrapping. I just finished up my wrapping… hopefully… you never know. But, I decided early on I wanted to go nontraditional this year and skip those ugly bows and ribbon. I decorated a lil rustic this year with gold burlap around the tree and used twine to hang things up around the house, so I wanted my presents to match. I use twine for everything, so why not for my presents?? So I hit up target and found some cute paper for $6 and 50 can-o-tags for only 5 bucks! I had the twine but I got it from Michaels. It was so simple to do my wrapping and it turned out pretty cute. How did you wrap your presents this year?? FullSizeRender (29) IMG_2959 IMG_2963 IMG_2965 Thanks for stopping by! J


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